Welcome to the web site holiday in Turkey and the seven congregations!

Welcome to the website holyday in Turkey and the seven congregations!

Have you been recently on holiday in Turkey or are you going soon on holiday to this country ?
Have you been noticed what happened 2000 years ago in this country!
Turkey has changed very much through the years.

This site has the purpose to give you information about Turkey 2000 years ago. Also is the purpose of this site to tell you about the seven congregations in this region. These congregations have come into being after Paul went on a journey through this country and has spoken to the residents. He told them about the gospel. As a consequence of his activities have these christian congregations come into being.

The congregations come across in the contents beside here. Also is there a map on this web site of the local situation 2000 years ago. I hope you find the time to do some investigations and compare this old map with a recent map.

Good luck !

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